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UC Advocacy Network

The UC Advocacy Network (UCAN) is a community of engaged students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends who are dedicated to ensuring the university’s continued excellence. Together, our collective actions help shape state and federal policies that advance the university and — through our commitment to education, research, health care and public service — California, the nation and the world.

UC Campuses

Nine UC campuses offer undergraduate and graduate education; one (UCSF) is graduate/professional only. Other educational centers reach across California and beyond.

UC Educational Evaluation Center

The University of California Educational Evaluation Center utilizes the system-wide expertise of nationally-recognized scholars to address educational problems through the rigorous evaluation of potential educational solutions.

UC Institute for Research in the Arts (MRU)

UCIRA was a statewide program dedicated to supporting and promoting arts practice and research across the University of California system.

UC Office of the President (UCOP)

The Office of the President is the systemwide headquarters of the University of California, managing its fiscal and business operations, and supporting the academic and research missions across its campuses, labs and medical centers.

UC Recruit

The recruitment system for academic positions for the University of California Santa Barbara.

UC Regents

The University is governed by The Regents, which under Article IX, Section 9 of the California Constitution has "full powers of organization and governance" subject only to very specific areas of legislative control.

UC Santa Barbara Foundation

Founded in 1973, the UC Santa Barbara Foundation is a non-profit, public-benefit corporation governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees.

UC Santa Barbara Foundation (Financial Management)

The Financial Management unit of the UC Santa Barbara Foundation handles all gifts made to UCSB via the Foundation.

UC Santa Barbara Library

The UC Santa Barbara Library is a member of the prestigious Association of Research Libraries (ARL). The Library's mission is to enable exploration and collaboration for scholars in their intellectual engagement with the world of ideas and the creation of knowledge.

UC Santa Barbara Magazine

Covering the people, programs, scholarly pursuits and trends that make UC Santa Barbara a world-class institution, we keep alumni, scholars, researchers and thoughtful readers informed about the cutting-edge ideas and innovation at the heart of our campus. 

UC Santa Barbara Organization Charts

These charts are based on the organizational structure of the campus at the beginning of the current academic year.

UC Santa Barbara Parents Fund

UC Santa Barbara's Parents Fund creates a community of parents actively engaged in their students' college experience as well as provides the primary vehicle to philanthropically support the University.

UC System (University of California)

The University of California is the world's leading public research university system.

UCDC (University of California Washington Program)

The University of California Washington Center Program (UCDC) provides UCSB students with a unique opportunity to live, work as interns, and study in our nation's political and cultural epicenter, Washington, D.C.

UCen Bookstore

The UCEN Bookstore offers clothing, supplies and merchandise for students, faculty, staff and visitors.


UC Path will put more sophisticated, automated tools in the hands of the UCSB administrators and provide all UC employees with 24/7 access to payroll, benefits and human resource information.

UCSB Affiliates

The UCSB Affiliates is a community-based support group for the University of California, Santa Barbara.

UCSB Alert Notification System

UCSB Alert is an alert system that allows University officials to quickly distribute critical information to registered UCSB account holders wherever they are during an emergency.

UCSB Answers

UCSB's instant answer service provides answers to a wide variety of questions you may have. Simply type your question and click Ask or browse the Top 10 Questions from other visitors.

UCSB Events & Tickets

UC Santa Barbara campus events and ticket sales.

UCSB First - Student Philanthropy

UCSB First is comprised of highly motivated and passionate students who love UCSB and believe in giving back.

UCSB Sport Clubs

The UCSB Sport Club program is comprised of various student organizations that have a focus for a particular sport or for learning a new sport.


University of California Television (UCTV) is a public-serving media outlet featuring programming from throughout the University of California, the nation's premier research university made up of ten campuses, three national labs and affiliated institutions.


The U-Mail Student E-Mail Service provides e-mail and other affiliated electronic services for UCSB's student population.

Undergraduate Education

The campus-wide Office of Undergraduate Education was created to advocate for undergraduate issues, support and foster the programs to benefit undergraduate education, and to ensure that UCSB's twin goals of educational excellence and accessibility are upheld.

Undergraduate Education (Letters and Science)

Our office has many resources available to help students enhance their undergraduate experience and complete their bachelor's degree in a timely manner.

Undergraduate Research

Browse through UC Santa Barbara Undergraduate Research Opportunities , programs, grants, and fellowships at UCSB that support undergraduate research.

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Grant

The Office of Undergraduate Education encourages undergraduate students conducting independent research projects or creative activities to apply for funding to support these efforts.

United Way (UCSB Campaign)

Through UC Santa Barbara's ongoing support of United Way, we are invested in helping to provide a hopeful future for children, adults, and families in our community.

University Center (UCEN)

The University Center is a hot spot of student activity at UCSB providing a variety of services to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors.

University Children Center

The Orfalea Family Children's Center, located on West Campus, and the University Children's Center, located in the Student Resource Building, provide child care for student, staff and faculty families within the University community.

US Postal Service (at the UCEN)

The UCen Post Office is conveniently located on the lower level. You can buy stamps, send/receive USPS packages and U.S. mail. P.O. Boxes are available for students, faculty and staff with access available 7 days a week.