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La Cumbre Yearbook

The Senior Book will contain senior photos, photos from the events of your senior year and a list of all of your graduating class.

Laboratory for Aggregate Economics and Finance (LAEF)

The Laboratory for Aggregate Economics and Finance (LAEF) was established in July 2005 to address important questions on growth and fluctuations in national, or aggregate, economies.


A walking meditation that has been used since ancient times and across cultures to calm the mind, relax the body, and revive the spirit by following a single circuitous, uninterrupted path to a center and back.

Language, Interaction & Social Organization (LISO)

The Language, Interaction, and Social Organization (LISO) unit at UC Santa Barbara has two components: an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Emphasis that graduate students can undertake as part of their doctoral degree, and an Interdisciplinary Humanities Center Research Focus Group that sponsors talks by invited speakers.

Latin American & Iberian Studies Program

Latin American and Iberian Studies at UC Santa Barbara examines the people and cultures of Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries throughout the world.

Learning Labs (Instructional Computing)

We work with the Letters & Science Deans, Departments, Faculty, and Staff to promote the best use of information technology in support of the Mission of the University.

Leonard and Gretchan Broom Center in Demography

The Leonard and Gretchan Broom Center for Demography was established in October 2011 as an interdisciplinary research center at UC Santa Barbara.

Letters & Science Information Technology

Letters & Science IT provides technology support for the College of Letters & Science. We work with the Letters & Science Deans, Departments, Faculty, and Staff to promote the best use of information technology in support of the Mission of the University.

Letters & Science, College of

Building on the great strength of its traditional disciplines, the college's departments and programs provide exciting opportunities for faculty and students at the cutting edge of interdisciplinary inquiry.


The UC Santa Barbara Library is a member of the prestigious Association of Research Libraries (ARL). The Library's mission is to enable exploration and collaboration for scholars in their intellectual engagement with the world of ideas and the creation of knowledge.

Life Sciences Computing Group

The Life Sciences Computing Group provides information technology services and technical support for the Life Sciences at UC Santa Barbara.


UC Santa Barbara Linguistics was created to realize a vision of linguistics as a field that would seek explanations for language as a fundamental human activity, through an understanding of how languages are used by their speakers.

Linguistics, Applied

It is an interdisciplinary field of research and instruction that provides theoretical and descriptive foundations for the empirical investigation and solution of language-related issues.

Local and Long Distance Buses

The Metropolitan Transit District (MTD) runs a local bus service between North Goleta and Carpinteria. The primary drop off and pickup point at UCSB is the bus loop (North Hall stop) located southwest of the Student Affairs and Administrative Services (SAASB) building.

Long Range Development Plan

The Long Range Development Plan is a planning tool that will shape how the campus will develop to the year 2025, including changes in our academic programs and the development of additional campus housing for students, faculty, and staff.

Lost and Found

All items lost on UC Santa Barbara property are processed through the Lost and Found Office located in North Hall, room 1131.