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Academic Advising (Engineering)

Academic advisors at UC Santa Barbara, College of Engineering provide professional guidance to students as they develop meaningful educational plans in pursuit of their goals.

Academic Advising (Letters and Science)

The College of Letters & Science academic advisors help students achieve their goals by sharing knowledge and also by partnering with students to analyze their options at UC Santa Barbara and beyond.

Academic Affairs Information Technology

AAIT services include: server administration; network administration; website and database development; end-user support; and trainings on various software and systems.

Academic Calendars & Deadlines

The Academic Calendars & Deadlines page highlights deadlines for specific quarters, undergraduate fee deadlines, registration pass dates by quarter, final examination schedules and more.

Academic Conduct

A student guide to academic integrity, along with procedures dealing with academic dishonesty.

Academic Departments & Programs

An extensive list of UC Santa Barbara academic departments and programs.

Academic Personnel

The Office of Academic Personnel is a service organization whose mission is to facilitate the recruitment, appointment, advancement, and development of outstanding and diverse faculty and academic appointees.

Academic Program Review

The mission of Academic Program Review is to support UCSB's academic excellence through periodic comprehensive evaluations of academic departments, programs, and interdisciplinary groups.

Academic Senate

UC Santa Barbara's Academic Senate is the one organization that enables the faculty, through shared governance, to exercise its right to participate in the University's governance.


The ACCESS Card is the UCSB Student ID/Campus One Card. It is used as proof of registration and to gain entrance into numerous student services.

Accessibility Resources

UC Santa Barbara is committed to creating an environment where people with disabilities have equal opportunity to enjoy campus programs, activities, and benefits.


Business & Financial Services is an integral campus and community partner, providing sustainable value-added services and solutions to ensure responsible compliance and stewardship.

Accounts Payable

Disbursement functions assist campus faculty staff and students in meeting their teaching, research, and operational needs by disbursing payments to vendors and individuals to whom the campus has financial commitments.


UC Santa Barbara is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).

ACTION Institute

The NSF AI Institute for Agent-based Cyber Threat Intelligence and Operation (ACTION) seeks to change the way mission-critical systems are protected against sophisticated, ever-changing security threats.  

Administrative Services

Administrative Services provides the systems and services that create a positive campus environment in support of the University's mission. Administrative Services acts as a central coordination point in creating a positive work environment that fosters continuous learning.


Information from the UC Santa Barbara Office of Admissions on deadlines, how to apply, our location, cost, webinars, campus life, and scheduling tours.

Admissions for Graduate Division

Information about UC Santa Barbara Graduate admission.

Advancement, Institutional

The Division of Institutional Advancement works to further public understanding and recognition of UC Santa Barbara and its important mission as a leading research university, and to develop support for the institution, politically as well as financially.

Adventure Programs

UCSB Adventure Programs are open to everyone - students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members.

Advising (Letters and Science)

The College of Letters & Science academic advisors help students achieve their goals by sharing knowledge and also by partnering with students to analyze their options at UCSB and beyond.

Advocacy Network, UC

The UC Advocacy Network (UCAN) is a community of engaged students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends who are dedicated to ensuring the university’s continued excellence. Together, our collective actions help shape state and federal policies that advance the university and — through our commitment to education, research, health care and public service — California, the nation and the world.

Advocate, Office of the Student

Peers specially trained in a variety of disciplinary matters, UC Santa Barbara students reach an appropriate resolution to your problem.

Affiliates, UCSB

The Affiliates aim to develop and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships between the University and greater Santa Barbara communities.

Affirmative Action

The Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment / Title IX Compliance (OEOSH/TC) is composed of two departments that are responsible for the University's compliance with federal and state laws and University policies and procedures regarding issues of discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment and sexual violence involving students, staff and faculty.

African diasporic Cultural Resource Center

The African diasporic Cultural Resource Center (AdCRC) educates, promotes, and encourages the interaction and dialogue among the diverse ethnic groups within the African diasporic communities of UCSB and to promote cross cultural learning and interaction amongst all ethnic groups.

Aggregate Economics and Finance, Laboratory for

The Laboratory for Aggregate Economics and Finance (LAEF) was established in July 2005 to address important questions on growth and fluctuations in national, or aggregate, economies.

Alcohol & Drug Program

UC Santa Barbara's Alcohol & Drug Program promotes safe, intentional choices and a balanced lifestyle.

Alert, UCSB Alert notification system

UCSB Alert is an alert system that allows University officials to quickly distribute critical information to registered UCSB account holders wherever they are during an emergency.

All Gaucho Reunion

The All Gaucho Reunion maintains connection between UC Santa Barbara and its alumni, and provides valuable networking opportunities for alumni to engage with one another and with students.

AlloSphere Research Facility, The

The AlloSphere is a three-story facility where we use multiple modalities to represent large and complex data, including immersive visualization, sonification, and interactivity.

Alumni, UC Santa Barbara

The mission of the UC Santa Barbara Alumni Association is to create mutually beneficial lifelong relationships with our alumni for the purpose of promoting philanthropy, mobilizing advocacy and providing opportunities for service to the University.

American Culture and Global Contexts

Situated in the English Department at UC Santa Barbara, the American Cultures and Global Contexts Center builds upon the considerable strengths in American Studies at UCSB by offering an interdisciplinary setting for new research and teaching initiatives.

American Indian & Indigenous Studies Minor

The American Indian and Indigenous Studies Minor is designed to give students an understanding of the ideas, practices, experiences, and issues confronting native peoples of North and South America through the study of their histories, environment, cultures, languages, politics, and economies.

American Indian Cultural Resource Center

The American Indian Cultural Resource Center (AICRC) promotes cultural identity development and strives to empower American Indian students through their college careers.

American Presidency Project

The American Presidency Project (APP), non-profit and non-partisan, is the leading source of presidential documents on the internet.

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Handbook & Compliance Officer

The University is committed to creating an environment where people with disabilities have equal opportunity to enjoy campus programs, activities, and benefits.

Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Ancient Mediterranean Studies (AMS) is an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Emphasis program that offers graduate students the opportunity to bridge the traditional disciplinary borders of fields constituting this area of Study.

Animal Resource Center (ARC)

The Animal Resource Center (ARC) is the primary animal care unit at UCSB, complies with all federal, state, and local regulations and guidelines for laboratory animal care, and is fully accredited by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International.

Ann S. Bowers Women's Brain Health Initiative

The Ann S. Bowers WBHI advances the study of women's brain health through deeply collaborative science. By integrating research activities across campuses and bringing together world-class expertise in neuroimaging, computer science/AI and healthcare, the University of California is in a unique position to lead these efforts in partnership with institutions around the world.

Annual Security Report

In accordance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act), the UCSB Police Department publishes an Annual Security Report to provide information regarding campus safety and security policies, crime statistics, and resources to current and prospective students and employees.

Answers, UCSB

UCSB's instant answer service provides answers to a wide variety of questions you may have. Simply type your question and click Ask or browse the Top 10 Questions from other visitors.


The Department of Anthropology at UC Santa Barbara has been a vibrant and active center of research and teaching for a half century.

AP Recruit

The recruitment system for academic positions for the University of California Santa Barbara.

Apartment Living

UCSB Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises provides housing and associated residential life services for UCSB's undergraduate student, graduate student and faculty population.

Application, Graduate

Learn more about the UC Santa Barbara graduate admissions process and download the most recent Graduate Division Admissions Guide.

Application, Undergraduate

Information concerning enrollment as an undergraduate at the University of California.

Applied Linguistics

Applied Linguistics is a growing and vibrant discipline in universities nationally and internationally. It is an interdisciplinary field of research and instruction that provides theoretical and descriptive foundations for the empirical investigation and solution of language-related issues, especially those of language education (first-language, second-language, foreign-language and heritage-language teaching and learning),

Aquatic Biology

The Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology (EEMB) at UC Santa Barbara is strongly committed to excellence in the fundamental sciences of ecology and evolution, with a special emphasis on the marine realm.

Area Global Initiative

The Area Global Initiative brings together distinguished faculty and scholars with area studies and global expertise to enrich UCSB's intellectual environment. Within AGI, area studies and thematic academic units such as the Africa Initiative; Center for the Global Study of Race, Inequality and Justice; East Asia Center; Latin America and Iberian Studies Program; and Center for Middle East Studies interface with the Orfalea Center for Global and International Studies.


UC Santa Barbara's ROTC program provides leadership training for students and trains future Officers for the U.S. Army, U.S. Army Reserve, and U.S. Army National Guard.

Art & Architecture Collection

The collection includes publications on architecture, sculpture, drawing, painting, prints, decorative arts, artistic photography, and interdisciplinary works on the arts covering all cultures and time periods.

Art History, History of Art and Architecture

The teaching interests of the History of Art and Architecture faculty are closely aligned with their research and form six clusters of expertise: Art and Architecture of the Ancient and Medieval Worlds; Art and Architecture of the Early Modern World; Modern and Contemporary Art, Architecture, and Visual Culture; Architecture and Urbanism; Museum and Curatorial Studies; Theory and Criticism.

Art, Department of

The UC Santa Barbara Department of Art offers a dynamic, challenging, and open learning environment emphasizing interdisciplinary research and artistic production.

Art, Design & Architecture Museum

Because we believe that art can transform individuals and communities, our mission is to stimulate research, support artistic practice, and generate original programming through the Art, Design & Architecture Museum's collections.

Arts & Lectures

Arts & Lectures annually presents more than a hundred events, from critically acclaimed concerts and dance performances by world-renowned artists to talks by groundbreaking authors and film series at UCSB and Santa Barbara-area venues.

Arts, Division of Humanities and Fine

Explore the Arts and Humanities at UC Santa Barbara and learn about our students, programs, and faculty.

Asian American Studies

The Department of Asian American Studies at UC Santa Barbara offers undergraduate majors the opportunity to study and understand the experiences of Asian Americans, particularly their histories, communities, and cultures.

Asian Resource Center

The mission of the Asian Resource Center (ARC) is to educate, promote, and encourage the interaction and dialogue among the diverse ethnic groups within the Asian American community at UCSB.

Assessment of Student Learning

This site includes materials to help you create, implement, and report on assessment activities.

Associated Students

Through elected student positions and appointments Associated Students voices student concerns and expresses student opinion to the UCSB administration, UC system, our community, and state and local governments.

Associated Students Bicycle Shop

Serving the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of UCSB since 1974, the Associated Students Bike Shop is a student-funded non-profit organization dedicated to education, service, and safety.

Associated Students Community Affairs Board

The AS/UCSB Community Affairs Board (CAB) is an official board of the Associated Students Legislative Council. We are comprised of active students who work to bring the campus and community together through service.

Associated Students Environmental Affairs Board

EAB strives to protect, preserve and enhance the environment, principally at UCSB and its surrounding communities.

Associated Students Legal Resources Center

The Associated Students Legal Resource Center provides free legal consultations, education, and referrals to registered UCSB students.

Astronomy & Astrophysics

Cutting edge research in observational and theoretical astrophysics spanning from planets to stars to galaxies and cosmology.

At Your Service, UC Human Resources and Benefits

Information about working at the University of California, including compensation, benefits, and tools and services.


UC Santa Barbara's Athletics program includes 20 NCAA Division 1 teams in men's and women's sports.

Audit and Advisory Services

UCSB Audit and Advisory Services helps UC Santa Barbara accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

Autism Research Center

The Koegel Autism Center is internationally recognized for its innovative autism research and clinical training. The center is part of the University of California, a not-for-profit state institution of higher learning.