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Haitian Studies

UCSB's Haitian Studies Initiative offers critical analyses about Haiti and its rapport with the international community to support policy, community development, and social justice in Haiti and in the diaspora while also developing epistemological models that augment scholarship and sustain these interventions. The current work builds on 20 years of research on Haiti.

Haitian Studies and Engaged Scholarship

Through the Engaged Scholarship initiative, we have worked to develop scholarly epistemologies and methodologies based on a collaborative process of knowledge production among scholars and community members, activists and artists.  This work seeks to examine not only Black inequality, but also the ways in which Black communities are creatively resisting social problems. Fueled by necessity, people at the grassroots level are inventing new forms of organization, new relationships, and new ways of thinking, working, and living.  This section of the website shows the various projects of the Engaged Scholarship initiative.

Health and Wellness Programs

UC Santa Barbara's Department of Health & Wellness promotes the mental, physical and social health of all students by enhancing individual skills and positive relationships with families, peers and the UCSB & Isla Vista community.

Health Professions Advising

The website features advice for students considering a wide range of health professions and has information about volunteering and internships as well as health-related student organizations.

Hebrew (Germanic and Slavic Studies)

Our mission is to teach German and Slavic languages, and to research and teach the literatures and cultures of the peoples living in these languages.

Hispanic Languages and Literature

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers undergraduates an opportunity to master the four fundamental linguistic skills, speaking, understanding, reading, and writing, in Spanish and Portuguese and to study the literary, cultural, and linguistic heritages of the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking peoples in the Iberian Peninsula and the Americas.


The study of world and American history at UC Santa Barbara.

History of Art & Architecture

The teaching interests of the History of Art and Architecture faculty are closely aligned with their research and form six clusters of expertise: Art and Architecture of the Ancient and Medieval Worlds; Art and Architecture of the Early Modern World; Modern and Contemporary Art, Architecture, and Visual Culture; Architecture and Urbanism; Museum and Curatorial Studies; Theory and Criticism.

Honors Program, College of Engineering

The College of Engineering (COE) Honors Program is designed to enrich the educational opportunities for outstanding students within the College.

Honors Program, College of Letters & Science

The Honors Program is designed to give students in the College of Letters and Science the opportunity to pursue their interests as part of a community of scholars.

Hosford Clinic

The Hosford Counseling & Psychological Services Clinic is a university-based community clinic that is designed to provide culturally sensitive, low-cost individual, couple, family, and group psychological treatment to the entire Santa Barbara community.

Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises

UCSB Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises provides housing and associated residential life services for UCSB's undergraduate student, graduate student and faculty population.

Human Resources (Employment)

Information for prospective UC Santa Barbara employees, new employees, current employees and more.

Humanities Administrative Support Center (HASC)

The HSSB Administrative Support Center (HASC) provides administrative services for many academic departments.

Humanities and Fine Arts, Division of

The departments and programs in the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts focus on the intellectual, historical, and artistic traditions of cultures throughout the world and the modes of expression and representation that have given them voice and form.