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TA Training Programs (Instructional Development)

The TA Development Program (TADP) offers campus-wide training, resources, and consultation services for UCSB’s Teaching Assistants. We have workshops and certificate programs for new, mid-career, and experienced TAs.

Taiwan Studies, Center for

The Center for Taiwan Studies at UC Santa Barbara promotes Taiwan-related scholarly activities in the social sciences, humanities, and other cultural areas in an academic venue in the United States

Teacher Education Program

The Teacher Education Program at UC Santa Barbara is one of the highest quality programs in the nation, with state-of-the art practice grounded in partner schools, a focus on teaching to reach ALL learners, and teacher educators with established records of success.

Technology & Industry Alliances, Office of

The primary mission of UC Santa Barbara's Office of Technology & Industry Alliances (TIA) is to build the foundation for long-term, productive and mutually beneficial relationships between UCSB and its industry collaborators.

Technology Management Program (TMP)

The Technology Management Program at UC Santa Barbara is dedicated to the development of business and innovation in an increasingly technology-based global economy.

Test Scoring

Instructional Consultation offers instructors access to sophisticated test scoring software and hardware for scoring and subsequent analysis of multiple-choice tests.

Theater & Dance

The Department of Theater and Dance at UC Santa Barbara fosters a vibrant and stimulating environment that encourages creative self-expression and critical thinking.

Threat Management Team (TMT)

The Threat Management Team (TMT) was established to respond to concerns expressed by members of the campus community when dealing with intimidating, threatening, or potentially violent behavior.

Thunderdome (Events Center)

The UCSB Events Center is a multipurpose facility that strives to provide a clean, safe, well equipped venue where students, staff, faculty and community members can enjoy participating in athletic, academic, recreational or special events.

Timekeeping (Kronos)

Timekeeping is the process of tracking and reporting hours worked and leave time taken. UC Santa Barbara employees, supervisors, and timekeepers all have a vital role to play in the timekeeping process.

Title IX and Sexual Harassment Policy Compliance Office

The mission of the Title IX and Sexual Harassment Policy Compliance Office (Title IX Office) is to ensure all UCSB community members fulfill the campus’ commitment to create and maintain a work and academic environment free of sex discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual violence.

Tours of the Campus

The UC Santa Barbara Visitor Center offers guided walking tours and admission presentations.

Transcriptions Project

Transcriptions is both a digital humanities lab and an interdisciplinary center within the innovative framework of UC Santa Barbara's English Department.


This web pages outlines the processes for ordering transcripts and verifications.

Transfer Student Center

Transfer Student Center is a space for students who have transferred to UC Santa Barbara to make connections: with each other, with the resources of the campus, and with pathways to academic and career success.


The UC Transfer Admission Planner (TAP) is an online tool to help prospective transfer students track and plan their coursework.

Transportation & Parking Services (TPS)

Transportation & Parking Services is an innovative and self-sustaining department, supports the UCSB mission by providing safe and reliable parking, fleet services and transportation alternatives to our campus community.

Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)

The Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) serves those who commute to UCSB by foot, skateboard, bicycle, bus, carpool, vanpool or train.

Travel & Entertainment

Accounting is committed to expedite accurate and timely travel expense reimbursements via our online Web Travel Expense Voucher system.

Tuition (see Fees)

Your Financial Aid is an estimate of the expenses you will incur as a student while attending UCSB, including fees, books and supplies, room and board, transportation, and personal expenses.