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Quick Takes on Living the Gaucho Life

Nobody has more appreciation for our vibrant UC Santa Barbara community than our students. It’s downright palpable. Aiming to capture and share that Gaucho spirit with the world beyond, we created our “We Asked” video series. With a camera and a mic, our team regularly sets up at the Arbor, the campus’s bustling thoroughfare, to ask students for their take on the Gaucho experience.

Curious what it’s like to live, learn and pursue a degree on our seaside campus? Hear directly from students in these short videos that feature their ideas, opinions, and advice.

Why did you choose UCSB?

From our vibrant and welcoming community to the stunning campus and challenging academics no matter the subject, it’s no wonder why Gauchos make UC Santa Barbara their academic home. These students from different programs and departments share the countless reasons they chose to study at UCSB.

How do you achieve work/life balance?

The UC Santa Barbara experience is both scholarly and social, relaxed and rigorous. So how do Gauchos balance work and life? Students take a study break during Finals Week to share their answers.

What’s your top tip for incoming freshmen?

From breaking out of your comfort zone to familiarizing yourself with campus resources, experienced Gauchos have so much wisdom to share with new students. Freshman Orientation leaders share their top tips for incoming freshmen.

How are you involved on campus?

When they’re not in class, Gauchos are busy! Find out how students stay active at UC Santa Barbara and in the community as members of clubs, programs, and other organizations.

What does being a Gaucho Athlete mean to you?

To these students, being a Gaucho means representing UC Santa Barbara every day and belonging to a community that constantly cheers them on, beyond the sports they play. Get the perspectives of athletes on multiple teams.

What has been your most interesting class?

On any given day, Gauchos are delving into social psychology, discovering Greek and Roman heroes, listening to music performances, and engineering new proteins! These students share their favorite classes at UCSB, from upper-division courses to gen eds.

What era are you in?

With answers ranging in emotions, these Gauchos share their current phases in life. Whether it's the "third-year grind era," the "networking era," or even the "back-to-school era," hear how these students are adjusting and living life to the fullest.

What Are Your Goals?

Gauchos have a lot to achieve! We asked students to share their intentions for a new academic quarter. From social to academic to leadership goals, no matter the setting, UC Santa Barbara students take every opportunity they can.

What are your first impressions of UC Santa Barbara?

From the perfect weather to engaging classes to our welcoming community, first-year students share their initial thoughts about our coastal campus and how the environment has helped alleviate the anxiety of coming to college.

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