COVID-19 Information

Reporting COVID-19

Use this reporting process when a member of the UC Santa Barbara campus community has:

  • Received a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis, based on their positive test result, OR
  • Received a COVID-19 diagnosis, based on symptoms assessed by a medical professional

Follow these important steps:

  • Email ucsb-covid19@ucsb.eduor
  • Call (805) 893-3113
  • Please include in your email the following information about yourself or the person who has a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 diagnosis:
    • Name, email address, date of birth, contact phone number and perm number (if student)
    • Role on campus: student, staff or faculty
    • Department (if faculty or staff)
    • Date of COVID positive test result and result copy (if possible)
    • Type of COVID test (if known)
    • Date symptoms started
    • Most recent date/time/location on campus
    • Identify buildings from when last on campus
    • Date of exposure to other COVID positive individual (if applicable)

For questions about testing, please refer to our testing resource list

UCSB students may find further information about campus testing on the Student Health website.

Checklist for Reporting Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19 Cases

Is it a confirmed case (positive test results or clinician diagnosis)?

If YES, then:

  1. Notify Campus COVID-19 Response Team at or (805) 893-3113, who can ensure that contact tracing has begun with the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department.
    • Identify any CLOSE CONTACTS who may need to be quarantined for 10 days after their last contact with the positive case. A CLOSE CONTACT is defined by the Centers for Disease Control as someone who was within six feet of an infected person for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period starting from two days before the onset of illness (or, for asymptomatic patients, two days prior to test specimen collection) until the time the patient is isolated. 
  2. The Campus COVID-19 Response Team can help prepare a targeted statement to any affected staff that preserves the confidentiality of the positive case, and provides resources for further medical care if needed. 
  3. The Response Team will notify campus leadership and risk management, and track cases for posting on the campus webpages, if appropriate.
  4. Close affected areas for 24 hours and seek guidance from Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) to determine what cleaning procedures are necessary. Contact EH&S at (805) 893-2860 or
  5. For remote contacts, encourage daily symptom screening and the practice of universal precaution measures.
  6. Establish the date on which affected staff can return to work after their isolation or quarantine periods have been completed.

If NO (suspected or unconfirmed cases), then:

  1. Encourage campus community members to seek medical attention for any symptoms.
  2. Resources for students are available on the Student Health website.
  3. Encourage campus community members to stay home when ill.
  4. No notification is recommended.
  5. Encourage any contacts to complete daily symptom screening and practice universal precaution measures.

The UC Santa Barbara Reporting Process

  • We will exert all efforts to protect the confidentiality of any confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases and their exposed contacts. No one should be stigmatized or subject to discrimination based on their health status.
  • We use identifying information only to establish workplace and housing details in order to collaborate with the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department to enable them or campus authorities to conduct contact tracing and confidential notification of contacts.
  • We use a medical team for case review consisting of licensed medical professionals (physicians and registered nurses) from UCSB Student Health and the campus COVID-19 Clinical Advisor, working in close collaboration with the Santa Barbara County Department of Public Health.
  • If a UCSB student, staff or faculty member is confirmed to have COVID-19, medical professionals at UCSB will assist the Santa Barbara County Department of Public Health (SBCPHD) investigation to determine who is considered a “close contact” to that person. SBCPHD officials or the campus COVID-19 Response Team will contact those individuals and request that they self-isolate and schedule a test, if appropriate, and to monitor their symptoms during a quarantine period.
  • The COVID-19 Response Team will coordinate notifications to other campus departments as appropriate, such as Environmental Health & Safety for sanitation issues, Risk Management for Workers Compensation issues and Housing and Residential Life, if those areas are involved. 
  • The campus’s quarantine and isolation recommendations for fully vaccinated individuals and for unvaccinated individuals follow guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the California Department of Public Health.
  • Campus leadership will be notified of any positive case within their areas of responsibility, and the campus website will be updated as needed. 

COVID-19 Santa Barbara Testing Resource List

For information about local COVID-19 testing sites, please visit our COVID-19 Testing Resources page.

The UC Santa Barbara COVID-19 Call Center at (805) 893-3113 or is also available to provide further information.