COVID-19 Information

Flu Vaccination Mandate

Beginning Nov. 1, 2020, the UC Office of the President is making influenza vaccinations mandatory for all faculty, staff and students who will be working, living or learning on a UC campus anytime during the 2020-21 flu season.

As a service to those at UC Santa Barbara, the University held a flu vaccination clinic on campus from Sep. 30 – Oct. 7. Questions about the flu clinic or the vaccination mandate can be directed to

Get Your Flu Vaccination Before Nov. 1.

Faculty and staff members still in need of a flu vaccination should contact their primary care providers or visit their local pharmacy.

Student Health Services is holding flu shot clinics through Oct. 30 for students still in need of a flu vaccination. Appointments can be made online through the Student Health Gateway patient portal. More information is available at Student Health.

Medical Exemptions or Accommodations 

Faculty or staff members seeking a medical exemption or an accommodation should log onto HR ServiceNow and submit a Medical Exemption/Accommodation Request. Students seeking a medical exemption or an accommodation as provided in the UC Immunization Exemption Policy should submit their request using the UCSB Student Health Gateway patient portal.

Receiving a Vaccination Elsewhere

Faculty and staff members and students who receive flu vaccinations somewhere other than the on-campus clinic are asked to log onto the Point N Click electronic health record portal using their UCSBnetID and indicate the vaccination was received. Those who don’t have computer access should share the information with their supervisors, who will report it to Human Resources.

To verify that you have received a flu vaccination:
-Click on “Point N Click” and sign in
-Click on "Medical Clearances” from the menu on the left
-Click on “Update” next to “2020-2021 Flu Vaccine Consent”
-Check the box next to “I confirm that I have had my flu vaccination for the 2020-2021 academic year.”
-Click on “Submit Final” to complete.

Questions and Additional Information

Questions about the flu clinic or the vaccination mandate can be directed to More information about both can be found in a Flu Clinic Q&A on The Current. In addition, the UC Office of the President has developed a set of FAQ’s that provides answers to general questions.