Mentorship and Teaching

It’s no exaggeration to say that the undergraduate experience at UC Santa Barbara is unparalleled. Our magnificent actual environment aside, our educational environment is a thing of beauty itself. Consider our distinguished and pioneering faculty, who are as committed to mentorship and teaching as they are to research. In fact, they’re known to do all three things in concert, and undergraduates play a key role.

Hear for yourself how our faculty engages with students, expands their academic horizons and helps bring out their best in this ongoing series of videos, featuring professors from diverse disciplines talking about what makes our campus so rigorous and rewarding — for scholars and students alike.

Hahrie Han

The Anton Vonk Professor of Environmental Politics believes strongly in the power of undergraduate research because she benefited from working closely with faculty mentors when she was in college. She discusses the universal advantages of learning how to deeply engage with a topic and explains how the undergraduates she works with apply their research skills to diverse professional fields.

Emily Jacobs

A neuroscientist and assistant professor of psychological and brain sciences on her own journey to UC Santa Barbara, by way of Harvard, discusses opportunities in her lab available to students, and why she encourages undergraduates to explore every discipline they can.

Phil Gans

The professor of earth science, an expert in structural geology and tectonics, discusses the wide-ranging benefits to students of doing field work — from hands-on research experience to practical job skills such as teamwork and communication.

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