Visual Identity


Stay tuned for details on how to adopt the design and user interface features of this website on your own UC Santa Barbara website. Leveraging a common web framework across our family of UCSB websites presents a friendlier and more consistent experience for our users, while building trust. Email with specific questions or needs.

Quick Downloads

UC Santa Barbara wordmarks

The UC Santa Barbara primary wordmark is provided in navy (preferred), black, and reversed (white). Several file formats are provided.

Wordmark files (ZIP)

UCSB tab

The secondary tab is provided in various colors and several file formats.

Secondary tab files (ZIP)

UC Santa Barbara seal

The seal is provided in navy (preferred), gold, two-color (navy & gold), black, and reversed (white). The seal is typically reserved for formal university communications.

Seal files (ZIP - UCSB NetID required)

UC Santa Barbara swatches

The UC Santa Barbara color palette is inspired by the Santa Barbara coast and grounded in the experience of living and working in our surrounding environment.

Color palette (ASE)