Visual Identity


Inspired by the Santa Barbara coast, the UC Santa Barbara color palette is grounded in the experience of living and working in our surrounding environment. Each color is assigned a PMS, CMYK, HEX, and RGB value. Please use the PMS value when printing with Pantone inks and the CMYK values for 4-color printing. The HEX and RGB values are reserved for creating digital applications that will be viewed on-screen. For more information on color usage, please review the appropriate section of the UC Santa Barbara Identity Guidelines.

Color Navy

  • Navy
  • PMS 2955 C
  • C100 M60 Y10 K53
  • R0 G54 B96
  • #003660

Color Gold

  • Gold
  • PMS 7549 C
  • C0 M28 Y100 K0
  • R254 G188 B17
  • #FEBC11

Color Aqua

  • Aqua
  • PMS 633 C
  • C98 M6 Y10 K29
  • R4 G133 B155
  • #04859B

Color Moss

  • Moss
  • PMS 7496 C
  • C46 M6 Y100 K42
  • R122 G141 B57
  • #7A8D39

Color Sea Green

  • Sea Green
  • PMS 7716 C
  • C83 M0 Y40 K11
  • R11 G168 B154
  • #0BA89A

Color Coral

  • Coral
  • PMS 7597 C
  • C0 M85 Y100 K4
  • R239 G86 B69
  • #EF5645

Color Mist

  • Mist
  • PMS 5493 C
  • C47 M4 Y16 K16
  • R156 G190 B190
  • #9CBEBE

Color Clay

  • Clay
  • PMS Warm Gray 1C
  • C3 M3 Y6 K7
  • R220 G214 B204
  • #DCD6CC

Color Sandstone

  • Sandstone
  • PMS 4525 C
  • C9 M12 Y47 K18
  • R201 G191 B157
  • #C9BF9D

Color Light Gray

  • Light Gray
  • PMS 428 C
  • C10 M4 Y4 K14
  • R220 G225 B229
  • #DCE1E5

Color White

  • White
  • White
  • C0 M0 Y0 K0
  • R255 G255 B255

Color Black

  • Black
  • PMS Process Black
  • C0 M0 Y0 K100
  • R0 G0 B0
  • #000000
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Quick Downloads

UC Santa Barbara wordmarks

The UC Santa Barbara primary wordmark is provided in navy (preferred), black, and reversed (white). Several file formats are provided.

Wordmark files (ZIP)

UCSB tab

The secondary tab is provided in various colors and several file formats.

Secondary tab files (ZIP)

UC Santa Barbara seal

The seal is provided in navy (preferred), gold, two-color (navy & gold), black, and reversed (white). The seal is typically reserved for formal university communications.

Seal files (ZIP - UCSB NetID required)

UC Santa Barbara swatches

The UC Santa Barbara color palette is inspired by the Santa Barbara coast and grounded in the experience of living and working in our surrounding environment.

Color palette (ASE)