UC Santa Barbara Graphic Identity

UC Santa Barbara's graphic identity reinforces our reputation and provides cohesiveness across our communications.


PLEASE NOTE: In early 2018, UC Santa Barbara will be introducing a new and improved visual identity system. This new system will allow us to more effectively channel the academically rich and socially rewarding experience of our university. Used consistently, it will serve as a platform to engage and inspire. New, comprehensive visual identity guidelines are now available for download in PDF format. A master folder of corresponding visual identity assets is available via BOX, and links to specific assets can be found throughout this website.

Accordingly, as of December 2017, this website has been updated to reflect the primary elements of this improved identity system. Old assets have been removed. Please discontinue use of previous mark files, typefaces, and color palette, and refer to the PDF guidelines document for guidance. A full online version of the guidelines will be launched in early 2018 at brand.ucsb.edu.

If you have any questions, please email brand@ucsb.edu.

UC Santa Barbara's graphic identity is comprised of a number of design elements. These elements work together as part of a system that drives the visual expression of our campus.

In order to support a cohesive and consistent visual expression across campus communications, this guide offers recommendations and assets related to the use of: