COVID-19 Information

Requesting a COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Exception or Deferral

Following the UC Office of the President’s announcement of its final UC SARS CoV-2 (COVID-19) Vaccination Program Policy, additional information has been provided about exceptions or deferrals based on medical, disability, religious justifications, or pregnancy.

Requesting an Exception or Deferral

The UC policy requires all faculty, academic appointees, staff and students to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or of an approved exception or deferral. Requests for exceptions or deferrals by UC Santa Barbara employees and students that meet the specific requirements of the vaccine policy should be submitted through the Student Health Patient Portal via the process for students. Faculty and staff should apply for exemptions through the Student Health Patient Portal Note: Students who also are employed by the university should submit only one request and should do so through the process for students rather than the process for employees. Requests will be reviewed carefully, using the specific criteria established by the UC Vaccination Program Policy.

Deadline for Submitting Requests

Students must submit their request prior to their entering quarter. Individuals who are not immunized by these deadlines, or who did not submit a request for a medical exception, an exception based on disability or religious belief, or a deferral due to pregnancy will not meet UC’s health and safety requirement and will not receive a clearance badge for to any campus facilities.

Guidelines for Those with Approved Exceptions or Deferrals

Employees and students who receive approved exceptions or deferrals, or who have requests pending, will be required to undergo weekly campus COVID-19 testing and to wear face coverings in all indoor spaces on campus and in university housing, excluding individual residence rooms. In addition, all employees and students with approved exceptions or deferrals who are accessing university facilities, attending UCSB classes and participating in UCSB programs will be required to complete a Daily COVID-19 Screening Survey, which will issue a clearance badge if all campus COVID-19 prevention strategies are satisfied.


Questions about the UCSB COVID-19 Mitigation Measures and the UC SARS CoV-2 (COVID-19) Vaccination Policy Program should be directed via email to Student questions about COVID-19 vaccine compliance should be sent to, and faculty and staff questions to