Web Accessibility

Download the UCSB Web Accessibility Guidelines (PDF)

Importance of Web Accessibility

Accessibility is a Civil Rights issue and inaccessible websites violate the effective communications requirement of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as provisions of Section 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Just as the rights of disabled people are ensured by providing closed captioning for television programs, auditory crosswalk indicators or elevators and ramps in buildings with stairs, so too is it our obligation and responsibility to similarly accommodate the needs of the disabled when it comes to accessing electronic systems and data." (Source: UCSB Web Accessibility Guidelines (PDF))

All campus units should make every effort to comply with WSG accessibility recommendations.

An accessible website means that people with disabilities are able to obtain the same information in an adaptable format that is available to persons who do not have a disability and who are not using adaptive technology. Your web page also needs to take reasonable measures to ensure you are not causing undue harm to persons with disabilities. A summary of key accessibility resources with respect to web pages is presented below.

If you have any questions regarding your responsibility for designing or maintaining an accessible web page or if you feel that you are unable to access a web page on campus because it lacks the required accessible features, please contact one of the individuals listed under our campus resources.

UCOP IT Accessibility Policies

In 2013, the UC Electronic Accessibility Leadership Team (EALT) proposed a new systemwide accessibility policy, which included the requirement that all websites should meet the WCAG 2.0 Level AA Success requirements.

For a guide on how to meet these requirements, use the customizable quick reference.

Campus Resources

Mark Grosch
Adaptive Technology Specialist and ADA Web Compliance Officer

Tessa Mendez
Deputy ADA Compliance Officer and Special Projects

Gary White
Director, Disabled Students Program


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