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Three Tiers

The Web Standards Group has grouped UCSB websites into three tiers, based on various factors: association with the University identity, sphere of influence, frequency and volume of use, expected lifetime, and other factors. A website's position reflects how strongly we believe that site should adhere to the standards defined in this guide. All campus units, regardless of the tier, should make every effort to comply with WSG accessibility recommendations. The tiers are described below, followed by examples of selected sites in each tier. Other sites will be added in the future.

Tier 1

WSG strongly urges Tier 1 sites to adhere to WSG standards.

Tier 1 Examples

Campus-wide and student/faculty/staff services
Major Academic Units

Tier 2

WSG recommends that Tier 2 sites adhere to WSG standards.

Tier 2 Examples

Academic departments
Affiliated organizations
Research centers and faculty research groups

Tier 3

WSG encourages Tier 3 sites to adhere to WSG standards.

Tier 3 Examples