The Web Standards Group recommends that webpages be designed to work with the browsers that approximately 90% of your website's visitors use. Please note that the usage statistics for your website may vary from the statistics cited here. Website maintainers may want to consider using web analytics tools to analyze traffic statistics for their site. Website managers should make sure that any chosen analytics tool complies with UC and UCSB policies (Google Analytics' third party indemnification clause does not comply as of 2013).

Vendor Requirements

The standards described on this page may be used for vendor requirements. For example: "Product must work with approximately 90% of our current usage."

Browser Usage for www.ucsb.edu

Graphs of recent statistics (Aug 4, 2013 - Sep 4, 2013) for the http://www.ucsb.edu Web site are provided here as a reference. The graphs below (click for full size) were created using the file provided: Analytic statistics (Excel format)

Statistics of browser usage by page views Statistics of operating system usage by page views Statistics on Desktop vs Mobile visits