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UC SealThe University makes this web server available to support and promote the mission of the University: teaching, research, and community service. It is expected that individuals placing information on servers in the UCSB domain will abide by all applicable university and campus policies and all laws governing the use of the Internet.

Campus units who wish to have a home page linked to the official UCSB Home Page agree to abide by the following guidelines:

  • All home pages will adhere to and reflect, as much as possible, current UC and UCSB publishing policies and practices.

  • All home pages will have text labels for any graphical or iconic links in order to provide equivalent access to the information and reference links for non-graphical browsers. In general, providers should be aware that users will be accessing information from a variety of hardware and software tools. Providers are encouraged to accommodate all levels of technology.

  • The home page of every official UCSB Web site should include a "return to UCSB Home Page" link or icon. For very long pages, it is advised that this link be at the top and bottom of the page.

    Files nested within any given official UCSB Web site should have a similar mechanism for "return to <local web site> Home Page" at the bottom of the page, or top and bottom if the document is lengthy.

    For documents or slide shows meant to be viewed in sequence, there should be access to "previous" and "next" entries provided at the bottom of the page, or top and bottom if the document is lengthy.

  • To remain useful over time and to present an image consistent with UCSB's position as an academic institution, all official information on our web server must be kept timely and accurate. Doing so requires that organizational units be accountable for the information that they choose to distribute via the web and that material on the web include pointers to individuals and offices that are an enduring part of the administrative hierarchy.

    Each page shall therefore have the following fields:

    Author: <author's name and e-mail address>
    Last Modified: <date the information was last modified>

    Furthermore, departments or other organizational units sponsoring material on or accessed from the official UCSB home page should include an electronic mail address of the following form:


    where all fields in the address are constant except <unitname>. <unitname> should be an abbreviation which suggests the name of the organizational unit sponsoring the inclusion of the related material on UCSB's Web server. It is the responsibility of the organizational unit to see that this address is always an alias for an individual who is charged with monitoring their mail and responding to issues related to the timeliness and accuracy of material sponsored by the unit.

    The intent is that anyone who finds out-of-date or incorrect material on official Web pages may first attempt to contact the author, then contact the sponsoring unit's "web contact" and, when still failing to get a response, may look up the unit's name in the campus directory and contact the head of the unit.

  • Any pages which use encryption alogorithms or their products must abide by federal laws governing the use of this code.

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