UC Santa Barbara Graphic Identity

Proper use of our logo & seal facilitates immediate recognition of UC Santa Barbara communications.

Logo & Seal

The following logos and seals are provided for different uses. Downloads are available for use in both print/outdoor and digital channels.

Please note that all UCSB trademarks, service marks, and trade names, including the University Seal and UCSB images and logos, are the property of The Regents of the University of California. Use of the UCSB graphic identity elements presented here is governed by Federal and State law and University policy, including the terms set forth in the following documents:

Wave Logo

The traditional UCSB wave logo should be used for all core communications.


The University of California Santa Barbara seal is typically reserved for official communications from the Chancellor's office, legal documents, financial documents, awards, and other formal university communications. It can also be used in other materials to formally signify an official UC Santa Barbara communication.


The wordmark is provided for added flexibility in representing the university, particularly in instances when the official logo does not fit well in a given environment, such as on a website header. The wordmark uses the official university Frutiger font. It may be used in either of the 2 primary colors and black.